Cleveland Corporation                      400 N Green Bay Road   Zion, Illinois 60099                     (847) 872-7200  |  (800) 281-3464  |  Fax: (847) 872-0827


Buyers, processors and haulers of industrial scrap steel, non-ferrous metals and waste paper.



Peace of mind. To assure our customers their scrap is hauled & processed in compliance with all Federal and State Environmental Laws.

  • Container delivery/pickup

  • Raw material sales

  • Trailers, balers & compactors provided

  • Leakproof and lockable containers provided from 10 cubic yards to 50 cubic yards


Cleveland Corporation also has the facilities to accommodate small commercial and residential customers. We buy circuit boards/mother boards.


  • Full operational state certified scale for commercial, residential and military use

  • State certified scale weights provided

  • Direct mill shipments to insure the most competitive return on your production scrap (no broker or middleman)

  • Same day and scheduled service 24-hour service seven days a week

  • Customized payment terms

  • Shredder operation guarantees destruction and security of scrap parts, rejected parts, obsolete and production scrap

  • Destruction and recycling of your confidential and misc electronic scrap