Cleveland Corporation                      400 N Green Bay Road   Zion, Illinois 60099                     (847) 872-7200  |  (800) 281-3464  |  Fax: (847) 872-0827


Buyers, processors and haulers of industrial scrap steel, non-ferrous metals and waste paper.

  • Must have and wear a hard hats on premises. (Per OSHA)

  • Cleveland does sell hardhats for $8.00, cash only.

  • Must wear pants, no shorts.

  • Must wear close toe shoes, no sandals.

  • Must be 18 years of age in order to enter plant.

  • Must have refrigerators and air conditioners intact. Freon lines cannot be cut. (Per EPA)

  • Must have a minimum of 300 pounds in order to receive check.

  • Must have a valid ID to receive check.

  • Only one check per customer, per vehicle, per day.

  • All fuels and oils must be drained.

  • Our plant location on Green Bay Rd takes all ferrous materials.

Customers Safety:  Rules and Policies at our Green Bay Road Location