Cleveland Corporation                      400 N Green Bay Road   Zion, Illinois 60099                     (847) 872-7200  |  (800) 281-3464  |  Fax: (847) 872-0827


Buyers, processors and haulers of industrial scrap steel, non-ferrous metals and waste paper.


A bit about us...



The Cleveland Corporation is a full service, family-owned and operated recycling company, servicing the Chicago, Milwaukee and Midwestern Region for the past fifty years. The founder and CEO, Joseph Kujawinski Sr., started the company with little more than a 2-ton lift gate truck working a barrel route. Picking up scrap metal from industrial accounts seven days a week, at a time when much of the industrial metals were being disposed of for no value. His relentless dedication and work ethic has been passed along to his sons, Robert and Joe Jr., who now lead our corporation into the future.


The company has since expanded to a state of the art twelve-acre site located in Zion, Illinois, equipped with processing equipment to handle several thousand tons of industrial scrap metal per month, as well as waste paper and corragated.